Electric Orange Checking Account from ING Direct

You’ve may of heard of ING Direct for some time now. They’ve been on the rise for more than a few years now promoting their new online checking accounts. Overall, the Electric Orange Checking Account is a pretty good offer.

Since this is an online checking account it’s important to know that they don’t have any branches. You’re likely to have this online checking account in conjunction with a local or national bank that has local branches.
Once you open this online checking account, you’ll have to add fund via an electronic transfer or mail in a deposit to your checking account. Setting up an account to transfer funds into this checking account isn’t too difficult. Once setup and confirmed, you’re likely to be able to transfer within a matter of days into your online checking account.
Electric Orange Checking Account Features

-Free ATM Access
-Electric Checks
-FDIC Insured
-Earn Interest on your Checking Account – Current Rate of 1.75% APY (Balance Under $50K)

Things to know.

-1.75% APY can increase if the balance is over 50k though if you have over 50k sitting in a checking account there’s other types of investments you should be evaluating.

-No local or nationwide branches. You’ll have to have a local banking account to be able to transfer from.

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