Chase Checking Account

Now that Chase has rooted themselves in Southern California and taken over several credit cards, they are offering a free $125 for opening a new account with them. All you have to do setup up direct deposit and the bonus is yours.

Now why do you have to setup direct deposit you say? Well the answer is simple. Chase Bank doesn’t simply want you to open an account for the free $125 and scamper. They hope that by setting up direct deposit that you’ll be an active client. I’d say that this amount is enough for those to push someone that has had just enough about their current bank and this is just enough to get them to make them to move to a new bank.

Chase Bank doesn’t offer much in the perk department but for some it’s good to know that they have a good amount of locations versus accounts that you can open at Schwab Bank, E*Trade and Incredible Bank.

  • Free access to 15,000 Chase ATMs nationwide
  • Free online bill pay
  • Chase Debit Card with liability protection
  • Access to more than 5,100 Chase branches
  • No monthly fee with direct deposit or at least 5 debit card purchases

Easy Grow Checking Account – Bank Easy

More and more high yield checking offers seem to be released everyday. Some offer a higher yield than others and some plain rob you blind if you’re not careful. Today, we share a checking account offered by Fishback Financial Corporation named Grow Easy Checking.

This account offers one of the highest interest rates available in the nation. Unfortunately, it arrives with a slew of catches that would negate dollars earned if not met. Prior to diving into the specifics, rest assured that the account is FDIC insured.
Now, if you’re thinking about earning a interest rate of 4.00% on a this account, think again my frugal friends. Well, you can earn it but you’ll have to meet several requirements. All of them to be exact.
The rate of 4.01% that you can earn with Easy Grow Checking is on all balances below 25K. Anything over that rate and you earn a measly rate of 0.75%. Now, I bet you’re thinking that’s not all that bad. Think again!
In order to earn this you’ll have to meet all of the following conditions.
  • Make 10 purchases with your Visa Debit Card. (The ones you have to sign for.)
  • Ensure that you make at least one bill payment or receive a direct deposit each month.
  • Enroll in electronic statements.
If you do meet these requirements, will will enjoy one of the highest rates in the nation and free ATM refunds worldwide. A perk offered by only a few such as Schwab Checking. You can apply for this account online or through a local branch.
The account also has no minimum balance requirements, free online bill pay and no monthly charge.

Things to look for when opening a checking account.

It seems like every national bank or brokerage has a great checking account offer. With national banks merging at every corner it doesn’t seem likely that this will bode well for the average consumer. Obviously, it’s never a good thing when consumers don’t have a array of choices particularly with financial products like checking accounts.

The recent market turmoil has caused consolidation across banks and brokerages. We hope that this somehow will benefit consumers in terms of new checking accounts with extra perks you’re not accustomed to and hopefully not a conundrum of fees and hassles.
So if you’re in the market for a new checking account or simply another account to diversify your funds, what should you look for? How do you differentiate from checking accounts your local bank has to offer or the one from a nationwide bank?
First and foremost is easy accessibility to cash. This means being able to access your cash wherever you want without having to worry about nearly five dollars in ATM fees. 
For those that still write checks, and frankly most of us do, you’ll want to make sure that there’s no limits to check writing. Most banks also give away the first batch of checks to begin with.

USAA Free Checking Account

USAA’s Free Checking Account is another in long list of online checking accounts. It’s important to note that USAA doesn’t have any branches so therefore all deposits and transfers need to be online. This account is only for USAA members which means that you must be enlisted military personel, though there are some exceptions. You can find them here.

It’s also important to know that USAA has exceptional customer service. They are always ranked amongst the top in customer service in nearly every category they enter. I could only imagine it’s the same level of service you’ll receive whenever calling in for customer service on your free checking account.
USAA Free Checking offers the basics every online checking account has to offer. They do offer Nationwide Free ATM Withdrawls, No Monthly Fees and free online banking. However, there’s a catch with the Nationwide Free ATM Withdrawals.
So what does USAA Free Checking have to offer?

-Free WorldWide ATM Use
-Free Deposit@Home for Qualifying Members
-Free Bill Pay
-Free Unlimited Funds Transfers
-No Monthly Fees
-Free Online Banking
-Pays Interest

Any Catches?
Yes, limits on ATM withdrawals, no in-branch deposits and checking account interest rate is nowhere to be found.
-Free Deposit@Limit 10 Free ATM Withdrawals and $15 refund limit on other banks charges.

-Members Only – Account Membership is reserved only for Active Duty Officers and enlisted Personnel.

Interesting note here. Normally, online checking accounts don’t have an easy way of depositing to the account unless setting up a transfer. USAA combats this with Deposit @ Home which lets you scan your checks from a scanner and have them deposited online. It’s a pretty neat feature for those that normally recieve paper checks and it’s a great alternative.